Finals are Among Us

Hey everyone! I don’t really know what to blog about. My birthday was last week and that was good. It was a bit sad because I didn’t get to spend it with my family but I went to dinner with my friends so that was nice. I didn’t have military science lab today and I don’t have any PT next week. I don’t have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to go work out then go do a final. I actually don’t have too many finals because some of my classes don’t give a final; they substituted it with something else. I think I’ll do fine in all of my finals but I’m a little nervous for my law enforcement final because it’s a lot of information to memorize. I have to get back to studying so I hope everyone has an amazing week and good luck on finals!


Sofia’s Birthday

Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s winter break was good. Mine certainly was! Sofia’s birthday was this Sunday. She just turned 5! I had to stay Monday back home too so I could stay all day for her birthday. I got her a really cute pink princess dress with a flower headband. My sister, her mom,  got her a doll that looked just like Sofy. The doll came with two stuffed dogs and leashes. One of the stuffed dogs was gray and looked like Tyson. She was very happy and made my sister cut out fake bacon strips to feed her stuffed dogs because that’s Tyson’s favorite treat. My mother bought her a cute silver dress with flowers. Overall she loved all her gifts. We also had a good laugh because they misspelled her name “Soffy”. I have a few pictures of her opening her presents below. She and my sister took me to the train to come back to Macomb and Sofy started crying. She broke my heart! 😦 My sister called me half an hour later and told me Sofy was still crying. She still cries throughout the day when she remembers I left. I can’t even call her on the phone because I’ll make it worse. I hope she gets better soon so she can happily anticipate Christmas break. Have a great week everyone.

Tokio Hotel

Hey everyone! There are 9 days left until thanksgiving!! I’m so excited. I’m going back home Saturday night. We’ll be celebrating Sofy’s birthday over break since her birthday is the 29th, and also my birthday (the 4th) because I won’t be there to celebrate it. Instead, I’ll be waking up at 5:30 am to go to PT, yay! 😦

So I recently rediscovered one of my favorite bands Tokio Hotel! I hadn’t listened to their songs since like 8 years ago. The topic came up when my roommate started talking about German and asked me if I had ever listened to a German band that sometimes made songs in English and it turned out to be Tokio Hotel. It was founded by two brothers, one sings and the other plays the guitar, a bassist, and a drummer. The band has been around since 2001 but it started out originally in Germany then slowly gained popularity worldwide.

I’m so happy I rediscovered them. Although the songs are better in German they have English versions of a lot of the songs so go check them out!

These are some of my favorites:

Happt Thanksgiving!

Westboro Christians at WIU

This is going to be an angry rant. Many of you probably saw a crowd Friday afternoon in front of  the library/ Stipes. Well, it was five Westboro Christians preaching their religion. I get that people want to spread their opinion on religion and lifestyle but this group of individuals crossed the line. My roommate and I heard from another floormate that they were harassing girls. So my roommate and I decided to hold hands and walk to the crowd to see their reaction. The woman preaching was outraged and screamed to everyone “there are lesbians among us” as if that was some kind of horrendous action. They told all the girls there they “deserved to be raped for wearing yoga pants and leggings”. At this point the mocking crowd became outraged and we started arguing back. They called my roommate and I “vagina lickers” and called other homosexual guys “fudge packers”. Some how they claimed “all girls cared about was size” and she said “Jewish men had small penises”. They demeaned women terribly saying their only job was to marry and have kids and “submit to their husbands”. They said “babies got dibbies on titties”. They said “all muslims are terrorists” and that they read the Quran “to understand the enemy after 911”. “You can’t masturbate and hold hands with Jesus”. They called someone “colored” and said that “black babies were ok but older blacks are not okay”. “100% of people who have premarital sex get STDs”. They also said “babies are the victims of rape, not the victim herself”. They also said “masturbation today, homosexual tomorrow”. One of them said that he “loved his son enough to disown him”. They all silenced women. They also said “Jesus is a deviant” and that “Allah is the devil”. They also said “masturbation is self rape”. The younger guys said “you’re all sineeeers and all you want to do is get wasteeeed”. They also said “anyone who is friends with gay people is going to hell”. They also claimed “the bible gives you rights not the Constitution”. They said “condoms are condomnations”. They said “you’re going to hell for watching porn”. “Homosexuality is cancer”. “Premarital kissing is wrong”.

Even though all of this sounds hilarious it really wasn’t at the moment. I did not enjoy being told I deserved to be raped for wearing jeans. I did not enjoy being shut up for being female. I was surprised at how many people from ROTC were there and I proudly told them in their face it was bull$hit that I, along with many others females, were being demeaned while we’re overseas risking our lives to protect their freedoms. No one agreed with them and we were so outraged we flew the LGBTQA+ community flags, blew up condoms, and proudly defended our rights.

The saddest part was that OPS did NOTHING to stop them. We called the police, campus security, and President Thomas’s office and NOTHING was done even though we were being harassed and they were being blatantly hostile and racist. Western, we expect you to keep us safe, so why did you ignore us?

What are your opinions?



Really Freshmen?

I find it sad that I have to rant about alcohol once more on here. I get it; last weekend was Halloween and people want to have fun but I saw at least four WEMS and MDH ambulances this weekend take people away for alcohol intoxication from both Bay-Henn and Tanner. Guys I get some of you want to drink and me writing this isn’t going to stop you but can you at least moderate yourself to a drink or two?  I went to a frat party this weekend and there were girls falling in their own vomit and rolling downstairs. Although I found it funny then, it’s actually quite sad. You came here to study not drink. Go spend your money elsewhere and stop going to parties to get sh*it faced.

Sofia’s Halloween costume

This is going to be a shorter post but my sister sent me some pictures of my niece during Halloween!



In these two she’s posing outside in her costume. She loved it. Last year she was Merida from brave. She adores wearing dresses. She is such a girly girl and she’s obsessed with Hello Kitty.


Here she is trick or treating in school. That’s a witch costume from her classroom. She was so excited from the candy she got. Her favorite is chocolate. She will go crazy for Reeses and Nutella.


Here she is trick or treating with some schoolmates. The only classmate ion their is the other girl. She has a twin and they’re so cute.


Here’s the last one. This was after her Halloween party. Her school mascot is Wiley the Wildcat. Kindergartners and Early Childhood (like a pre-k) rotate a Wiley stuffed animal in their classroom. Every child gets him one week. The child takes a picture with Wiley and paste it in a little Adventures with Wiley book and write a couple sentences about what they did. Last time she got him while I was over there, she took him to the mall in her little backpack and Sofy, Wiley, and I took pictures in the photobooth. I used to do something similar when I was in kindergarten 14 years ago but with a Clifford stuffed dog.

I hope that cuteness wasn’t too overwhelming. I’ll be posting again this week so see you then and let’s hope to keep the number of fire alarms this weekend to four! (knock on wood)

More random cuteness:



Hey everyone. Well I wanted to start off right away by saying my dad is back home! He’s much  better but he still sees specialists regularly and all that stuff. So Halloween is coming up. I am sooo excited for safe trick or treating! We’ll get to see all the little kids in their costumes be all cute and such. My roommate bought a little pumpkin pail full of candy to give to them. She’s going as Scooby Doo. I also get to meet her girlfriend this weekend so that should be fun. I don’t have the time or money to get an actual costume so I’ll just be wearing my military uniform. Also I won the state scholarship from ROTC! It’s worth about $5,000 and is nonbinding. I’m so excited I’m officially going to get my own military uniform! What sucks is that we have to wear it to lab on Tuesdays. Lab is at 3:30 but formation starts sooner  theatre ends at 3:15 so I’ll have to change and awkwardly sit through theatre in full uniform so don’t judge. 🙂  What are you guys going to be for halloween? See ya next week!





Tyson has a weird habit of dragging his blanket outside and just basking in the sun on top of his blanket.

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